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WiFi & Internet issues

Most internet and Wi-Fi issues are related to your current agreed on speed with your provider and or the number of connections on your home network.

The following are tools and information to assist any troubleshooting on your home network.

Test Your Connection:

SpeedTest.net and Fast.com are two easy to use services that work on all providers

https://speedtest.xfinity.com/ - Comcast specific Speed Test Tool

http://speedtest.frontier.com/speedtest.html - Frontier specific Internet Speed Test Tool


This test will check the speed, latency, and jitter of your connection. This is key, and will help validate the service being paid for by households or subsidized by districts. 


Manage Multiple Devices & Streams

Be aware how many devices any connected and online at the same time.

Multiple devices on at the same time cause stress on a network and my cause speed issues.

A typical home with download speeds being 5mb- 20mb may need to temporarily disconnect or turn off WiFi on devices to free up resources.

FCC Internet Speed Guide

The FCC has a Broadband Speed Guide, this is to o give a basic idea of how fast your internet connection must be in order to have a steady and reliable internet experience, as well as a Broadband Guide to multiple users online at the same time.


Minimum Download Speed (Mbps)

General Usage


General Browsing and Email


Streaming Online Radio

Less than 0.5

VoIP Calls

Less than 0.5


5 - 25


5 - 25

File Downloading


Social Media


Watching Video


Streaming Standard Definition Video

3 - 4

Streaming High Definition (HD) Video

5 - 8

Streaming Ultra HD 4K Video


Video Conferencing


Standard Personal Video Call (e.g., Skype)


HD Personal Video Call (e.g., Skype)


HD Video Teleconferencing




Game Console Connecting to the Internet


Online Multiplayer



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